Why Parylene?

Optimize Performance and Dependability

If your application requires electrical, biological or environmental protection, Parylene can provide the critical properties and meet tight parameters that other coating options cannot deliver.

Thin film Parylene polymer is considered the optimal protective coating material for critical military, high-risk electronics, aerospace, and medical applications because of its unique combination of electric-mechanical properties and true pinhole-free nature.  These properties include gas permeability, chemical protection, thermal stability across environments, and extremely high dielectric strength.  

Parylene exhibits absolute conformance to all surfaces due to the deposition method.  The three-stage vapor deposition process takes place under vacuum with substrates being coated at room temperature.  Unlike traditional conformal coating methods there is no liquid phase or lengthy curing time involved.

Parylene Highlights

  • Conforms evenly to substrate contours, crevices, and edges
  • Pinhole-free and stress-free application
  • Ultra-thin, transparent film adds minimal weight and volume
  • Excellent barrier, dielectric, optical and mechanical properties
  • Predetermined production steps provide high level of accuracy, consistency, and quality control
  • Certified to industry standards from military applications though medical implantable

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Why You Should Use Parylene

Invest in Long-Term Savings

The unique benefits of Parylene make it more effective in optimizing critical system dependability than any other coating.  Investing in this premier coating can yield substantial long-term warranty cost savings compared to less effective materials.

There are many careful steps involved in effectively managing the Parylene coating process.  Advanced Coating has the experience needed to successfully handle high risk assemblies and maximize the performance of this sophisticated material across a wide range of applications.


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