High-Risk Electronics Applications

Parylene Meets the Challenge

Today’s electronic devices need to be rugged and delicate PCB components require protection from the elements or the environment in which they are used. Parylene offers more coverage capabilities than any other protective coating on the market.  The ultra-thin film coating meets the challenge as an effective surface barrier making it the ideal choice for high-risk electronics manufacturers. 

The Parylene deposition process takes place at room temperature without any temperature stresses or long curing times to worry about.  It is sensitive enough to be used on delicate electronic components, and Advanced Coating has the experience needed to ensure the integrity of your products is maintained. 

Important Parylene Benefits

  • Excellent Dielectric Properties 
  • Pinhole-Free Encapsulation 
  • Ability to Penetrate Crevices 
  • Adds Minimal Bulk to Electronic Devices 
  • Superior Sustainability
  • Effective Barrier against Humidity, Rain, Snow, and even Salt Water
  • Allows for Thermal Expansion Mismatch
  • Resistant to Corrosion, Solvents and Chemicals
  • Protects against High and Freezing Temperatures, Dust, Debris, and Fumes 

Common High-Risk Electronics Applications

  • Circuit Assemblies and Box Builds 
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB and Flex Circuits)
  • Sensors and RF Components 
  • Integrated Circuits and Hybrids
  • MEMs 
  • Motor Controls and Assemblies in Harsh Environments
  • Photoelectric Cells
  • Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits (PEMS)
  • Hybrid Circuits
  • Fiber Optic Components
  • Surface-Mount Technology Circuit Boards

Certified to Industry Standards

Advanced Coating’s coating processes are ISO 9001 certified and technicians handle IPC Class 3 circuitry following IPC-J-STD, IPC-A-600, IPC-CC-830 & IPC-HDBK-830, NASA STD-8739 and Mil-Spec workmanship standards.  

Advanced Coating – Your Conformal Coating Partner for Electronics 

We understand that your project may have strict design requirements, which means you need a service provider who can think outside the box. Our engineers will look at your project and custom design a Parylene solution to suit the unique specifications of your product. 

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