Parylene Advantages

The Many Benefits of Parylene

There are many advantages to using Parylene compared to liquid conformal coating materials.  Some of these benefits include:

Excellent Surface Protection

Parylene displays unmatched thermal, chemical, moisture, and environmental barrier properties and is suitable for ruggedized use despite micron levels thicknesses.

Truly Conformal

The gaseous nature of the deposition process allows Parylene to coat surfaces evenly, including sharp points, deep crevices, and hard-to-reach areas.  Parylene will not pull away from corners or edges and is entirely pinhole free.  

Room-Temperature Deposition

Parylene can be used on a wide range of materials, including delicate substrates, and is highly effective without adding weight or mass.

Low Dielectric Constant

Parylene has a low dielectric constant and can enhance signal processing speeds due to its superior moisture barrier characteristics. 

Stress-Free Application

Parylene polymerization takes place at room temperature, protecting the circuit board or other device being coated from thermal stress.  The film does not cure in the conventional sense and places no mechanical or temperature stresses on fragile components.  

Dry Film Lubricity

Parylene film has low static and dynamic coefficients of friction which can be valuable for some applications where stickiness is an issue.

Optical Clarity

The transparency and clarity of Parylene film leaves surface features and printing clearly visible, to the benefit of quality assurance examination.  This non-absorption of visible light also makes Parylene suitable for optical uses. 

Superior Electrical Insulation

Parylene's superior electrical dielectric properties make it ideal for insulating electronic components with minimal dimensional change.  Dielectric strength of the film is greater than 5,000 volts per mil of coating thickness.   


Parylene is an effective barrier against moisture, chemicals, bio-fluids, and biogases. The material is USP Class VI Compliant and can be sterilized.

Green Technology

Parylene is safer for the environment than liquid coatings that often contain high VOCs.

Advanced Coating can help you determine if Parylene is the best material choice for your application. 


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