Barrier Properties

Due to the physical properties of Parylene and the method of deposition, Parylene forms a pinhole-free film on the subject substrate. Therefore, it provides an excellent barrier to both liquids and gasses. The table below lists the permeability characteristics of the Parylenes C and N.

Moisture vapor permeability values have been measured at thickness below 0.1 micron. Normalized to equivalent thickness, the values are the same for all thicknesses. Assuming that Parylene C at 0.001 inch is pinhole free, then Parylene C films at 0.1 micron (~ x 10-6 inch) are also pinhole free.

cm3 - mil/100 in2 - 24 hr - atm (23°C)

g - mil/100 in2 - 24 hr - 37°C - 90% RH

  N2 O2 CO2 H2S  
Parylene C 0.95 7.1 7.7 13 0.50
 Parylene N 7.7 30 214 795  1.50


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