Military & Defense Applications

High-Level Protection for Mission Critical Devices

Military and defense engineers face complex challenges when it comes to designing mission-critical components that contain sensitive devices. From dealing with harsh conditions outside (including extreme temperature changes, moisture, UV rays, and dust) to frequent exposure to solvents, chemicals, fumes, and gases, the military and defense industry needs a coating that can withstand the elements without weighing down their product. 

Parylene conformal coatings by Advanced Coating are resistant to salt fog, spray and water, vibration, jet fuels, chemicals, and solvents, and offer a lightweight, optically clear, durable form of environmental protection. As the highest grade of conformal coating, Parylene will adhere to the surface of your military products, from glass and metal to plastic and ceramics, and provide the essential surface protection you need for your mission-critical applications.

Important Parylene Benefits

  • Thin, Conformable Material
  • Excellent Dielectric Strength
  • Moisture and Water Resistant
  • Allows for Thermal Expansion Mismatch
  • Truly Pinhole Free and Durable
  • Resistant to Chemicals, Solvents, Dust, Fumes, Gases, Acid and Alkaline Products
  • Provides Dry Film Lubrication

Common Military & Defense Applications

  • Smart Technologies
  • Ruggedized Circuits and Field PCs 
  • Robotics and Drone Systems
  • Wearable Sensors and Electronics
  • Printed Circuitry and Box Build Assemblies
  • Microelectronics
  • Communication Devices 
  • Guidance Systems
  • Radar Devices

Approved to Military Specifications

Advanced Coating is registered to ITAR, fully compliant with government and DoD procurement regulations (FAR/DFARS), certified to AS9100 and ISO-27001 Cybersecurity standards. Our technicians handle IPC Class 3 Circuitry and are trained to J-STD, IPC-A-600, IPC-CC-830 & IPC-HDBK-830, NASA-STD-8739, and Mil-Spec workmanship standards.  We regularly update our military and defense certifications and invite you to contact us for the latest list.

At Advanced Coating, we tailor our Parylene coatings to meet your needs. Contact Us today to discuss the unique demands of your military/defense application.

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