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Temperature grades with parylene

Parylene coatings are known for many things, including their unique ability to cover even the most complicated surfaces and their reliability when it comes to longevity and effectiveness. However, one of the most valuable aspects of any parylene coating is its ability to withstand temperature extremes.

Thermal Properties

The unique structure of parylene coatings grant them many useful properties, but the thermal properties are among the most efficient--simply because the ability to withstand temperature extremes is crucial in countless applications. However, while parylene is known for its thermal properties, different types of parylene have different ranges of temperature extremes; similarly, various applications, conditions, and original product purposes can alter the range of temperatures under which parylene can function reliably and efficiently. This means that, in order to receive the most benefits from these thermal properties, a high amount of research must go into choosing the proper type of parylene coating and applying it correctly.

A Closer Look

The thermal properties of each parylene type greatly affect the performance and adhesion of the coating. Let our Parylene Coatings experts provide a closer look!

  • Melting point. Each type of parylene coating has a specific melting point. Parylene C melts at 290° C, Parylene N at 420° C, and Parylene D at 380° C. This means that each type of parylene functions better under a specific set of circumstances, which must be taken into account when choosing the right parylene coating.

  • Weaknesses. Although parylene coatings are known for their ability to withstand a wide range of extreme temperatures, it is possible for constant thermal stress to wear down and weaken a parylene coating. This happens relatively rarely, but it must be guarded against, especially in delicate applications.

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