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Posted by Jake Hinojoza on Oct 3, 2017 9:00:00 PM
Jake Hinojoza

When you think of coatings, you probably imagine some sort of liquid that drys to form a protective layer. Parylene is a type of conformal coating that begins as a powder. It forms a plastic film that forms a layer of protection. It is a complex process that exists on the surface of everyday items around us.

What Is Parylene

Parylene is a conformal coating which is a type of chemical coating. Parylene is meant to ‘conform’ to a surface or topology. One of its many purposes is to protect electrical surfaces from moisture or other chemical contaminants. The life span of whatever the conformal coating is covering is extended as it maintains surface insulation resistance. It also becomes resistant to corrosion as it is safe from airborne contaminants. If you are looking to maintain any surfaces that are susceptible to aggressive vapors, chemicals, or significant temperature variations you can benefit from parylene as a conformal coating.

Buying from a Qualified Vendor

It’s important to choose the appropriate vendor when buying conformal coating. You want to make sure that the coating coverage is accurate and successful. What should you be looking for in a supplier?


Over time a reputable vendor will have developed reliable procedures for applying parylene. You should also look for a provider with experience in multiple types of coating. Liquid conformal coatings and parylene take two different sets of skills, and one cannot be replaced by the other. A vendor with a variety of abilities will be able to meet your needs. Advanced Coating has experience working with the following applications:

Take the time to find a vendor that has been proven to do a superb job. The hassle of reworking a conformal coating is not worth choosing a cheaper vendor. 

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