Parylene Optical Properties, Explained

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Parylene coating has applications that range from space travel to the creation of prosthetic limbs. As a result, it must be strong and reliable. Still, it must also be subtle--that is, capable of doing its work without interrupting the function or purpose of the substrate material. The good news is that thanks to a long list of impressive optical properties, parylene coating never gets in the way, even when high levels of precision are required to maintain safety, health, or accuracy standards.

One of the most important considerations for any conformal coating job is the optical quality of the coating itself--not just for function and reliability purposes, but also for aesthetic value. Today we'll take a closer look at the optical properties of parylene and explore why it matters to you and your project.

A Look at the Optical Properties

No matter what you're working on, the chances are high that you'll need to consider the visual element of your project sooner rather than later. When using a conformal coating, this is especially important, as some coatings may interfere with the visibility and reliability of the object, machinery, or other surfaces. The optical properties of parylene, however, offer a wide range of benefits, making parylene a good choice for almost any project.

Here's a closer look at parylene's optical properties:


Parylene has good absorption, which means that different types of light can interact with the coating without impacting appearance. Under almost all circumstances, parylene coating is colorless.


One of parylene's most important properties is clarity. Different application processes will impact clarity, but for the most part, parylene is reliably clear and does not interfere with visibility.

UV resistance

When combined, oxygen and high levels of UV light can be damaging to parylene coating. However, under controlled circumstances, parylene can offer certain levels of UV resistance.

Benefits of Those Optical Properties

Parylene's optical properties come with a lot of benefits. Here are just a few!


Because parylene is clear and colorless, it does not limit (and, in fact, only enhances) the functionality of the surfaces, materials, or machinery it coats.


Parylene coating is strong and long-lasting, which means that even boasting its long list of optical properties, its performance is never impacted.

Aesthetic value

For projects where aesthetic value is of high importance, parylene is an excellent choice because it can be deposited smoothly and without pinholes, offering clear visibility under almost any circumstances.

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