The Fascination of Parylene

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The protective properties of parylene also this conformal coating to be used in industries from common individual products to aerospace, and military forces.

Parylene, unlike other conformal coatings, provides a uniquely thin and pinhole-free coverage to mediums and protects it from environmental damage, high temperatures, oxygen, chemicals, and more. A parylene coating is micro-cleaned with intricate procedures that guarantee a reliable and long-lasting coating. Although it can be applied to almost anything, including medical devices for placement inside the body, parylene isn't used everywhere; its benefits are usually reserved for products that have specific requirements.

Parylene Benefits and Processes

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When considering to conformal coating to use to protect your product, there are a lot to choose from. And more than just the conformal coating properties are taken into account. Cost, availability, and even logistic play a role in deciding what coating to use.

However, taking all of those factors account, parylene coating is one of the most used coatings because of its wide range of benefits and characteristics.

Where to Buy Parylene

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When you think of coatings, you probably imagine some sort of liquid that drys to form a protective layer. Parylene is a type of conformal coating that begins as a powder. It forms a plastic film that forms a layer of protection. It is a complex process that exists on the surface of everyday items around us.

What Causes Parylene Failure?

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Parylene is one of the most reliable conformal coatings used in any industry. It saves lives in the hospital room, protects lives in space travel, and makes lives easier in microwave oven technology. Still, nothing is perfect. There are some cases when parylene can fail--and today, we'll take a look at the causes behind these problems.

Parylene Makes Solar Energy Possible

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We've come a long way in the past 50 years for renewable energy, but even our highly advanced solar panels need a little bit of help every now and then. They've got a big job--and that means they need to be protected properly so that they can do that job in a variety of harsh environments and situations. That's where parylene comes in.

Parylene and the Aerospace Industry

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Not so very long ago, it was hard to even imagine being able to travel cross-country in a day, let alone traveling across the world. And space travel was the subject of fictional stories. Today, all three of those goals have been realized, and, although you may not know it, it's possible, in part, to parylene.

Saving Lives with Parylene

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Parylene is known for its extremely useful characteristics and its long, distinguished list of uses--but did you know that parylene is also capable of saving lives? Due to its reliability and safety, parylene is widely used in the medical field, and this is one application that's worth a closer look.

Parylene in the Medical Field

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The medical field is a complex and ever-growing landscape that relies on many branches of science to function. Without technology and scientific advancements, like the perfecting of parylene, the medical field would not be able to save nearly as many lives as it can today.