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close up of a camera lens showing reflection and protective coatingWhen it comes to something as reliable, long-lasting, and powerful as parylene coating, you'd expect a catch--but that's not the case. Parylene's impressive array of useful characteristics make it a favorite in just about every industry, and its optical properties are no exception.

Optical Properties

Parylene coating has applications that range from space travel to the creation of prosthetic limbs. As a result, it must be strong and reliable. Still, it must also be subtle--that is, capable of doing its work without interrupting the function or purpose of the substrate material. The good news is that thanks to a long list of impressive optical properties, parylene coating never gets in the way, even when high levels of precision are required to maintain safety, health, or accuracy standards.

Here's a quick look at just a few things parylene coating offers:

Color accuracy

For many industries, tools, and devices, color accuracy is a high priority. Luckily, parylene coatings can be applied with complete transparency, meaning that anything underneath--whether a light, a diagram, or even just an eye-catching design--will remain true to its original color.


Some coatings may warp or otherwise interrupt visibility, which can be an issue for some applications--especially lenses on traffic and speed camera. Parylene's optical properties, however, boast impressive visibility, which means the coating will never compromise functionality or reliability.

Unaltered reliability and longevity

Despite being both color-accurate, clear, and comparatively lightweight, parylene still offers high levels of protection against chemicals, debris, temperatures, and extreme environmental conditions (for example, outer space). It is a favorite among conformal coatings for a good reason!

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