Parylene Coating in the Oil and Gas Industry

Posted by Jake Hinojoza on Nov 1, 2016 9:00:00 AM
Jake Hinojoza

It seems like the applications of parylene coatings are almost infinite. Every day, another industry embraces this conformal coating for new and amazing purposes, and every day, we find one more reason to hail parylene as the ultimate multitasking substance. Although parylene has thus far been widespread, its applications just got a bit more diversity: the oil and gas industry is using parylene, too.

Why Parylene?

Parylene is used across so many industries and for so many purposes simply because it has countless benefits. It is stronger and more reliable than other conformal coatings, providing a thin, pinhole-free coat that protects against everything from chemicals to water damage to extreme conditions--even as extreme as those found inside the human body. Parylene can also be applied with unique precision, conforming to the most difficult materials and providing protection even in unusual shapes or dents, indentations, and crevices. This coating is so useful that there's only one question left: why did it take this long for the oil and gas industry to start using it?

How it's Working

What is parylene doing in oil and gas applications? Our conformal coating experts took a closer look, and here's what they found.

  • Harsh conditions. Remember that parylene remains reliable and strong even in conditions as extreme as those inside the human body? That strength comes in handy when it comes to the harsh conditions that oil rigs face on a daily basis. Both on- and offshore, these rigs (and the workers employed there) must put up with extreme weather, metal corrosion, and more--and that's where parylene comes in.
  • Preventing failures. Parylene is used on oil rigs to prevent some of the most common machinery failures, including corrosion, fretting, wear, and more. Parylene's unique strength and its high levels of conformity make it the perfect protection against these threats, allowing work to carry on safely and productively.
  • Extending life. Anyone who takes a look at an oil rig instantly knows that these things aren't cheap. It's important to extend the life of an oil rig as much as possible, and with parylene applied to protect against wear and environmental conditions, longevity is almost a guarantee. There's nothing like conformal coating when it comes to protecting, extending life, and maximizing productivity.

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