Parylene Coating In Action: Protecting Stents

Posted by Jake Hinojoza on Jan 12, 2017 9:00:00 AM
Jake Hinojoza

The medical industry is one of the most precise in the world. It has to be, lives depend on that precision. Not only must every hand be steady and every mind be sharp--the tools and devices must be safe, efficient, and long-lasting. That's where parylene comes in. Long-trusted as one of the best coatings for medical applications, parylene marks the highlight of its career when it is used to protect stents.

Why Stents Need Parylene

Medical stents are delicate devices placed to keep various tubes open inside the body, and in order to do that successfully for a long period of time, stents need to be designed with precise geometry. The problem is that this specific geometry often makes the device difficult to coat--but not for parylene. This coating's unique features and benefits make it the top choice for protecting the safety and longevity of medical stents, allowing the devices to do their lifesaving work without driving up costs or needing to be replaced too often. Parylene has even been known to enhance the effectiveness of the stints, minimizing the risk of artery re-narrowing in some patients.

Why Parylene is Perfect

What makes parylene the top choice for coating medical stents? Let our parylene coating experts explain!

  • Superior coating. Parylene's application process (CVD), chemical vapor deposition, is crucial in its ability to conform to the unique geometric needs of medical stents. Thanks to CVD, parylene can coat the entire structure, even closed-off sections, and can adapt to the most unusual curves and gaps without sacrificing that strong, smooth coating.
  • Chemically inert. One of the biggest benefits of parylene, in this case, is that the coating is chemically inert. This means that it won't react with anything in the body or in the drugs being transported via the stents.
  • Precise. Parylene is among the most precise of conformal coatings. It can be applied at carefully controlled thicknesses, is applied pinhole-free, and provides long-lasting protection with no risk to the human body. This is one application where parylene is saving lives!

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