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Implantable medical device

Electronics are becoming smaller and smaller every day. The inner workings of electronics, however tiny, still need to be protected. Now imagine how small the inner workings of a medical implantation device are. The best protection for these little electronic pieces is with a parylene conformal coating.

Why Parylene

Parylene, unlike other conformal coatings, is deposited in vapor form rather than wet such as dipping, spraying, or brushing. The unique application process allows it to cover the entire area in need of protection. The deposition technique transforms powder parylene into a gaseous form at the molecular level. The vapor format can easily coat an electronic component evenly, creating a durable covering. For this reason, parylene is seen as a superior conformal coating. It does not leave cracks or coat unevenly.

Medical implantable are coated in parylene because it is very thin and durable.

Benefits of Parylene

A parylene conformal coating is applied to an electronic that needs protection from exposure to environmental threats. For an implantable, that means it requires a protective layer that can stand up to water, acid, and other bodily fluids. Parylene is non-toxic and can handle extreme conditions without deteriorating. The uniform coating of parylene allows it to cover implantable of all minuscule sizes.

Types of implants that use parylene are:

  • Cochlear implants that require a microphone and improve patient hearing
  • Stents that promote blood transmission
  • Mechanical constructions that replace hip joints
  • Radioactive implants used in chemotherapy
  • Sensors for physiological activities

As you can see, these medical implants affect many people and can improve lives daily.

Parylene is the conformal coating of choice for many of the above reasons. If you’re ready to move forward with a conformal coating project, contact us today.

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