A Crash-Course in Thermal Barrier Coatings

Posted by Jake Hinojoza on Oct 18, 2016 2:21:59 PM
Jake Hinojoza

As we develop more and more intricate tools and techniques to accomplish our goals, we must also develop stronger, safer coatings to ensure that our innovations don't become nightmares. One idea that may surprise you with its simple yet powerful design is the use of thermal barrier coatings--a simple solution to a complex, intricate set of problems.

Thermal Barrier Coatings

To understand how important thermal barrier coatings are, we must first explore the problem they solve. Today's advancing needs--especially efficient fuel use, boosted power, and high levels of safety--demand that we ask more of the metal alloys used in many industries. Unfortunately, these higher demands are sometimes too taxing, approaching the maximum temperature and stress levels that these alloys can withstand. That's where thermal barrier coating comes in. By coating the alloys and providing a sort of shield against abrasions, temperature extremes, and other environmental threats, these coatings allow us to continue innovating without being slowed down by the need to "reinvent the wheel."

A Closer Look

Coatings that create a barrier against everything from harsh chemicals to extreme temperatures are a crucial part of almost every industry. Let our conformal coating experts explain!

  • Materials. There are a wide variety of materials used in thermal barrier coatings, but only a few offer the unique combination of strength, longevity, and reliability necessary to be relied on by so many fields. The most common materials used for this type of coating are oxide ceramics, but different applications demand different coatings.
  • Substrates. Most coating types are adaptive to almost every type of substrate, which comes in handy for thermal barrier coating. Both metallic and composite materials can be coated; however, certain substrates have unique needs that can only be met by a specific type of coating, so proper research is an important element in matching substrates and coatings.
  • Applications. Where are thermal barrier coatings being used today? The answer is almost everywhere. Coatings are necessary inside aircraft turbine engines, racing engines, missiles, braking systems, and more.

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