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How Parylene Coating Has Revolutionized Diabetes Devices

Posted by Jake Hinojoza on Aug 31, 2017 8:04:39 AM
Jake Hinojoza

Parylene is widely used in the medical industry, an indispensable tool that makes it possible to rely on the devices that help save lives. Diabetes management devices are just one of the areas where parylene coating excels--and today; we'll take a closer look at why that is.

Medical Coating Requirements

There is a broad range of diabetes management devices, and, since each type has its own goals, any coating used must be versatile and trustworthy enough to protect many different surfaces without interrupting function. Some devices also come with specialized parts, like wireless receivers, so it's especially important that the coating be both stable and trustworthy.

Thankfully, parylene coating fits the bill. Boasting countless benefits especially suited to the medical industry and life-saving devices, parylene is counted on to protect diabetes management and give patients the care they need. To do this, experts take advantage of parylene's most useful qualities:

  • Complete biocompatibility: Meaning that it can even protect devices designed to be implanted.
  • Thin and manageable coating: Creating a small surface that protects without interrupting function.
  • Extreme strength: Allowing it to succeed even in the extreme conditions inside or outside the human body.
  • Placement precision: So that every coating comes out exactly as required.
  • Strong adhesion: Which provides an extra level of longevity and trustworthiness.

Parylene is the top choice for many diabetes management devices and with good reason. It has proven itself reliable and safe in a variety of devices, from monitoring tools that work 24/7 to insulin pumps that limit the need for regular injections, and its placement via vapor deposition means that it can completely coat even the most unusual surfaces, cracks, and crevices.

If you want to learn more about parylene coating and what it's capable of, contact us today!

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