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Parylene and Military uses

Conformal coatings are used to protect printed circuit boards within electronics. Without this protection, electronics would fail after contact with a chemical, water, or other environmental hazards. Many industries use conformal coatings, but the military is an example of an industry that needs their devices protected from extreme situations.

Why Conformal Coatings

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are used in military technology undergo a lot of stress. To protect them from various threats they are covered with a conformal coating. Battlefield conditions leave PCBs open to contact with chemicals, dust, water and temperature fluctuations. They are also exposed to intense vibrations that can affect the device internally and externally. In general, military devices with PCBs are in circumstances that generate wear, tear, and stress. A conformal coating will act as a protective insulator.

Choosing a Conformal Coating

There are three conformal coating types: acrylic, urethane, and parylene. Each has unique benefits and reasons they might be selected over the others.

  • Acrylic: Post-application flexibility, humidity resistant, easily repairable, and meets approval standards for electrical, mechanical, and specialized military applications.
  • Urethane: Chemical solvent resistant, hard and durable.
  • Parylene: Dielectric, non-conductive, assures device can function under extreme temperatures.

Parylene conformal coatings are the most versatile of the three and are recommended for military applications. Military electronics need to be able to function under all kinds of circumstances and must be protected from environmental threats reliably. Parylene is applied in a vapor form which means it can reach all areas of the surface without leaving any spaces unprotected.

Military devices cannot run the risk of failing. Conformal coatings make sure that PCBs are protected from all kinds of environmental and situational harm. To learn more about conformal coating and the military, call us today.

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