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conformal coating for military

Although conformal coatings are everywhere doing a little bit of everything, it goes without saying that some applications are just more interesting than others. When it comes to conformal coating in the military, the uses and details aren't just fascinating--they also save lives and help defend our country. Let our conformal coating experts provide a closer look through our specialized spotlight!

A Growing Need

Like in every other industry, military technology is always growing, always changing, and always demanding more advanced protection. As our devices get more intricate and capable of bigger and better things, they also get more susceptible to environmental hazards, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and more. That's where conformal coatings come in. Capable of defending even the most irregularly-shaped objects from a wide range of dangers, conformal coatings have been providing reliable, safe protection for decades. Although our troops and military leaders carry the weight of defending our country, you can bet that conformal coatings are right there with them, helping out everywhere from communication to transportation.

A Closer Look

What are the details? What does conformal coating do to help the military? Here's a closer look, straight from conformal coating experts!

  • Variety. Since the military has a wide variety of needs, it requires conformal coatings with a wide variety of benefits. Coatings like parylene can be controlled for precise thickness, come in clear and colored varieties, and withstand pressure, chemicals, moisture, and more.
  • Voice. Communication within the military is both intricate and crucial, and this is one place where conformal coatings really shine. By protecting certain parts of the technology, coatings ensure that no noise or other communications interrupt the device, providing protection and reliability.
  • Transport. Military transportation isn't just about speed; it's also about precision. This precision is provided by a variety of digital systems with countless intricate parts, and conformal coating is protecting every one of them. By protecting against everything from changes in air pressure to extreme environments, coatings save the day.

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