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Medical Parylene: Saving Lives

Posted by Jake Hinojoza on May 17, 2017 1:47:24 PM
Jake Hinojoza

Did you know that parylene is actively saving lives? Although it carries a lot of weight in many industries, protecting human life even in aerospace travel, parylene is relied upon in the medical industry. This conformal coating is saving lives because of its unique characteristics, and today, our experts will show you how.

Parylene in the Medical Industry

Conformal coatings are widely used in the medical industry, but no coating is relied upon quite like parylene. Parylene boasts a broad range of special characteristics that make it perfect for medical applications, including its lack of toxicity, its lightweight protection, and its thinness. This conformal coating is biocompatible, too--so not only does it withstand the extreme conditions within the human body, it refrains from interrupting healthy function. It can also stand up to the high sterilization standards that the medical industry demands. At the end of the day, parylene provides strong, reliable protection in a thin, pliable form, and that is why it saves lives.

Medical Conformal Coatings

What medical utensils need conformal coatings? Let our parylene experts explain!

  • Implants. Implantable devices are very delicate, must work within the human body without being toxic, and are often difficult to coat. Luckily, parylene is safe and clean, all while adhering to even the most unusual surfaces for reliable protection.
  • Electronics. Since the function of medical electronics is crucial, any coating used must be capable of protecting without interrupting. That's where parylene comes in. Medical electronics can be coated for protection from salt, bodily fluids, and more, and the conformal coating will never once interrupt the device.
  • Diversity. Parylene can adhere to almost any surface, even cracks and crevices, and provides protection from extreme environments--which means that it is just about everywhere in the medical industry. From needles to cardiac arrest devices, parylene is saving lives.

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