4 Reasons Aerospace Applications Use Parylene

Posted by Jake Hinojoza on Jan 30, 2018 10:13:18 AM
Jake Hinojoza

Aircrafts are internally and externally exposed to many atmospheric changes. To protect parts ranging from small electronics to broader applications, parylene is used as a conformal coating. Here are four reason aerospace applications use parylene.

1. Thermal Stability

Aerospace devices undergo a lot of stress. Parylene has a strong thermal stability and can thus be used for the cockpit, engine management, flight control, and sensor systems. Parylene is vital for these areas because it can help produce true and undistorted signals for wireless devices, as well as in navigation and radar systems.

2. Radiation Protection

Being exposured over a long span of time to high energy UV radiation can cause damage to surfaces, leading to possible malfunction of equipment, such as electrical, light-generating LED in the planes. Recenly developed  high-temperature, UV-stable parylene formulations can midigate the UV degradation to aircraft LED-lighting; thus preventing LED turning to yellow and surface discoloration from extensive UV radiation exposure.

3. Communications and Electronics

Electronics within aerospace devices are subject to extreme temperatures and vibrations. There is also the risk of contaminants such as chemicals and environmental threats like dirt and dust accumulating on the electronics. Parylene is thin and covers all cracks, so it does not interfere with the functionality of the device. Electronics that may require parylene are navigation boards and flight control panels.

4. External Operations

Aircraft wing and tail applications are subject to rapidly changing environments that can not be controlled by pilots. These extreme atmospheric changes require increased security that can be provided by parylene conformal coatings. Parylene is high in strength, low in permeability, and is resistant to temperature extremes making it an excellent choice.

It’s easy to see why parylene is the conformal coating of choice for aerospace applications. It is thermally stable, UV resistant, thin and durable. If you are in the aerospace industry and want to learn more about parylene conformal coatings, call us today!

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