Purchase Order Quality Clause Requirements

Advanced Coating’s Quality Clauses reflect the need for that heightened level of control when stated on the Purchase Order. If issues arise resulting in the application of any clauses when stated on the Purchase Order contact the buyer for instructions.

QP-1 Inspection System:
The Supplier shall maintain an inspection system that complies with ISO9001:2008, SAE AS9100, or as a minimum, MIL-I-45208A.
QP-2 Control of Changes:
The Supplier agrees to not make any change affecting the fundamental functions of the product and/or process supplied to Advanced Coating without prior formal, written notice to and formal, written approval from, Advanced Coating. This does not mean that your firm cannot change your product or service without the approval of Advanced Coating. To the contrary, you may change your product as much and as often as you wish. It does mean you may not provide that changed product or service to Advanced Coating without first notifying us of the change and receiving our written consent to substitute the changed product.
QP-3 Supplier Corrective Action:
When requested, the Supplier shall respond to formal requests for corrective action resulting from failures of the Suppliers product, service or quality system. The response shall be submitted on the provided corrective action form and detail the root cause, corrective action, verification, and follow-up. The supplier shall respond within 20 working days.
QP-4 Advanced Coating Source Inspection:
Advanced Coating may elect to conduct an inspection at supplier’s facility. No shipments shall be held by the Supplier for Advanced Coating source inspection past the agreed upon ship date unless prior written notification has been is received by the Supplier prior to the agreed upon ship date.
QP-5 Shelf Life and Temperature Sensitive Materials:
The supplier shall identify all materials which have definite characteristics of quality degradation due to age or environment. The supplier shall indicate on the material or container the expiration date and storage conditions required to achieve the stated life. Shipments with less than 80% of the items total shelf life remaining when received by Advanced Coating will not be accepted.
QP-6 Identification Traceability:
Parts and materials shall be identified per the agreed-upon requirements and traceable to all certifications and test reports. Items too small to directly identify may be bagged and tagged.
QP-7 Inspection Data:
As required, the supplier shall furnish objective evidence of acceptance inspection for each item covered by the Purchase Order.
QP-8 Certificate of Conformance:
If a Certificate of Conformance is required, each shipment shall include one legible copy with the signature of a responsible representative confirming materials and processes of the item meet the applicable drawing/specification requirements.
QP-9 Material Test Reports:
If a test report is required, each shipment shall include a legible copy of a certified material test report. Test reports shall include the specification number, batch and/or lot number. Chemical/physical test reports shall report the actual values obtained for each property tested.
QP-10 First Article Inspection:
If required, the Supplier shall perform and submit with the first shipment a first article inspection report. The results shall be documented and shall indicate 100% conformance to engineering and drawing requirements.
QP-11 Quality Assurance Records Retention:
Supplier shall retain, for a period of not less than seven (7) years, the manufacturing planning records, certifications and test reports required to confirm the parts or material, conforms to the technical requirements of the purchase order.
QP-12 Supplier Audit:
The Supplier shall afford Advanced Coating the opportunity to audit the suppliers’ inspection records and documents as they pertain to this order.
QP-13 Right of Entry:
Advanced Coating, its representative and/or relevant regulatory agencies shall be afforded the right to verify, at the supplier’s facility and at their sub-tiers facility, the products in this order conform to specified requirements.
QP-14 Flow Down Requirements:
Where required, the supplier will flow down the applicable requirements, including key characteristics, defined in the Advanced Coating purchase order to their sub-tier suppliers where required.
QP-15 Non-conforming Material:
If, after delivery of goods or services to Advanced Coating, the supplier determines the good or service to be nonconforming, the supplier shall promptly notify Advanced Coating of the specific identity and quantity of the affected product. Any request by the Supplier for non-conforming material to be dispositioned as “Repair” or “Use-as-Is” shall be formally documented on the suppliers’ standard nonconformance format and submitted to Advanced Coating for consideration.
QP-16 Calibration Lab Requirements:
Suppliers used for calibration purposes must be certified to ISO/ICE 17025 (current version) as a minimum. These may include ANSI/NCSL 7540-1-1994 and z540.3-2006 as addendums. Work performed shall be NIST traceable and indicated on C of C.
QP-17 Product Quality:
Products shall be uniform in quality and condition, sound and free from foreign materials and imperfections detrimental to the usage of the product. The product must be of an overall quality consistent with good industry practices and adhere to requested PO requirements without deviation.
QP-18 Sampling (C=0):
Unless otherwise specified final acceptance when less than 100%, shall be based on statistically valid method. Zero defect acceptance (C=0) is the required acceptance criteria to be used.
QP-19 Counterfeit Parts Prevention: Suppliers shall not furnish “Counterfeit Goods” under this contract, defined as goods or separately-identifiable items or components that: -are of unauthorized copy or substituted of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) item.
QP-20 Conflict Minerals – (Section 1502 Dodd-Frank act.):
The supplier shall certify they do not knowingly or actively distribute, procure, source, purchase or otherwise acquire metals, components, or other products containing “Conflict Minerals” in accordance with section 1502 of the “Dodd-Frank” act.
QP-21 Order of Precedence
In the event of conflicts between the documents referenced in the PO, the following shall be the order of precedence.
  • Advanced Coating PO
  • Advanced Coating Quality Clauses
  • Drawings
  • Material & Process Specifications
  • Advanced Coating General Terms and Conditions


Quality assurance specificationsDownload our purchase order quality clause requirements.


FRM-742-001, Rev. C