Parylene: Protecting LEDs

Posted by Jake Hinojoza on Jun 15, 2016 9:00:00 AM
Jake Hinojoza

LEDs are designed to be reliable. They have an extremely long lifetime, and they are fairly resistant when it comes to everyday wear and tear; however, for LEDs that must function in extreme conditions all day, every day, for many years, it's important to provide a little bit of extra protection. Luckily, Parylene can do that and more.

Parylene and LEDs

Because many uses for LEDs demand that these lights be submitted to constant threats from extreme temperatures, natural elements, and possible corrosion, it is crucial to use a protective coating to maintain safety and performance. Parylene is the top choice for LED coating, simply because it's just as reliable as the lights themselves: Parylene is strong, dynamic, and effective, providing defense on multiple fronts while also being lightweight and thin. If you're looking for a way to protect LEDs from various threats without minimizing performance, then Parylene might just be the answer you're looking for.

A Closer Look

Let our Parylene experts explain why Parylene is the best choice for protecting LEDs!

  • Temperature extremes. Outdoor LEDs are likely to be exposed to a variety of temperature extremes, which means that a successful coating must be able to withstand these extremes while still protecting the LEDs. Parylene has strong temperature resistance, meaning that it will continue to function in temperature extremes without impacting LED performance.
  • Quality. Parylene is a unique coating in that it provides quality on multiple fronts. It is not only reliable and efficient--it is also lightweight, free of pinholes, and extremely adherent to even the most difficult of surfaces. Parylene offers constant, reliable protection.
  • Properties. The specific properties of Parylene make it ideal for protecting LEDs because this coating is able to protect against many threats that other coatings can't. For example, Parylene can simultaneously protect against moisture, corrosion, chemicals, abrasions, and more while other coatings would only be able to offer defense from one or two threats at a time.

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