Using Parylene for Delicate Projects

Posted by Advanced Coating on Mar 10, 2020 12:52:44 PM

close up image of a pacemaker, coated in parylene conformal coatingBefore you can decide exactly how to utilize parylene for your next project, you need to know all about this conformal coating--including its optical properties. Here's a closer look at what you can expect from parylene.

Power and Performance

At this very moment, parylene is at work in dozens of different fields--medicine, aerospace travel, home appliances, maybe even inside your cell phone. This is partly because parylene is a strong, reliable coating that can adhere to almost any surface without pinholes or weak points, but it's primarily thanks to its uniquely effective optical properties.

Here's a closer look at the optical properties of parylene--and why it matters.

  • Transparency

Parylene coating is clear and colorless. This transparency is particularly crucial for sensitive applications--for example, over gallery-level artwork or interactive displays. Although clear, the coating remains strong and reliable, making it a perfect choice for projects of all shapes and sizes.

  • Light interaction

Since parylene is often used in combination with light--for example, to protect LED systems--it is important to note that refraction indexes may change depending on temperature and method of deposition. However, despite these changes, parylene, in its many forms, can still improve the performance and clarity of light systems.

  • Thickness

Unlike some conformal coatings, parylene's optical properties are not impacted by differing thicknesses. The coating remains clear and colorless at any thickness, and can even be deposited on complex or unusually shaped surfaces without any noteworthy change in clarity.

Thanks to these promising optical properties, parylene remains a favorite in more delicate projects where visibility or aesthetic value is a high priority. Most importantly, this clarity does not in any way minimize the strength, protective quality, or longevity of the coating, and parylene remains among the most reliable conformal coatings.

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